Micro XTreme MX Park

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Back flip, Deck grab, Rodeo and 360° are not foreign words to you and you feel at home in skating parks and freestyle halls? What you now need is a scooter which accompanies you and withstands your tricks? Then the MX Park is just the right one for you!

Issue of Scooter-Nation Magazine, Eagle Sport Bearings x4, Skate Hut Sticker Sheet and a MGP Finger Whip! The lighter even more aggressive scooter, the Micro MX Park is another new addition to the micro x-treme series. This new model is lighter than the original XT model but still combines many of its excellent features as well as some new ones. The MX Park is a lighter version which was a requirement of many extreme scooter riders, especially younger riders and those not used to using extreme products in the parks, whereas riders who have experience of BMX park and street riding prefer the increased weight and strength of the XT model. With a stunning Metallic Blue finish this scooter will help any rider stand out from the crowd whether it be in the road or on at the skate park.

The massive extra wide handlebar makes one-handed stunts possible and the connection between the handlebar and the board is fastened horizontally as well as vertically with 6 hexagonal screws so that the highest stability is guaranteed. The fork has been manufactured with 40% more material in order to withstand the jumping. The extra wide footplate provides perfect grinding. The wheels are provided with a special aluminium core in order to keep pace with your tricks and jumps.

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