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Mini Micro Deluxe Scooter

Εγγύηση Micro® 2 Ετών
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The Mini Micro Deluxe is brimming with features that make it shine. No fuss. The adjustable handlebar and increased 35kg weight limit mean mini explorers can now start earlier and keep going longer. The colour pop anodised stem not only stands out from the crowd but survives the toughest of knocks. The Mini Deluxe has a footplate made from flexible PAGF (reinforced fibreglass) and a double-injected anti-slip silicone logo to help keep children's feet firmly planted, even in wet weather. With our innovative braking system that responds to the slightest touch, thermoplastic, toxin-free rubber handle grips that are soft yet strong and polyurethane, puncture-free wheels for endless adventures. The Mini Deluxe is the most refined and durable pre-school scooter in town.

Ideal for:
Age: 2-5 Years
Weight: 1.95kg
Rider Height: Έως 110cm
Max Weight: 35Kg


Lean to steer

Kids lean, the scooter turns the same way. It's as simple as that. Our patented system makes steering a breeze, even the youngest. And here's the really clever part - children are building their coordination, balance and fine motor skills as they scoot.

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Help them stay in control

The Mini Micro is one of the lightest kids scooters available. Weighing less than 2kg means your child can turn, lift and pick up pace with ease - while staying in total control.

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Putting the luxe in deluxe

Colour pop anodised stem for extra protection against wear and tear. Extra grippy silicone mouldings on a reinforced fibreglass footplate. Impressive increased weight limit. And of course our adjustable handlebar. The most refined ride in town.

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Uncompromising safety

Our brakes have been carefully designed and precisely calibrated to respond to the slightest pressure with a gentle halt. Every part of the scooter is tested and re-tested for the ultimate durability and the ultimate peace of mind.

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