Micro XTreme Stunt Scooter

Κανονική τιμή 199,00 € Ειδική Τιμή 87,90 €
Stem features heavy duty locking clamp with 4-bolts Dual injection hand grips made of high quality PU to give maximum grip and comfort The XT does away with traditional quick release adjustable clamps Steering stem is made of aircraft grade aluminum Will hold up under maximum pressure of jumps and rails
Weight - 4900g Max Height - 925.5mm Wheel Base - 580mm Footplate Height - 62mm Footplate to Headset Rake - 47 degrees Handlebar Rake - 87 degrees Footplate Width - 100mm Footplate Depth - 26mm Dual Core Wheel Diameter - 100mm Wheel Compound - 90a Metal Core Bearings Chrome - ABEC 5 Colour - Alu Grey Rider Weight - Maximum 125kg
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