Pedalflow Black

299,90 €
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No time for training? Don’t feel like going to the gym? No problem, just get on your Pedalflow and off you go ! Originally intended as a mobility product has established itself among fans of the flamboyant eyecatcher as an item of sports and fitness equipment. On the way to work or meeting with friends, the Pedalflow is the ideal Micro vehicle for those who like to practice sports on the go. Get to your destination and do something fun for your fitness along the way – outdoors, open air. The Pedalflow is a good addition to fitness training a great alternative to a workout on the stepper at the gym. It works the thighs and gluteal muscles while general stability and abdominal muscles are also trained.

Χρώμα Black
Ηλικία 7+
Μέγιστο Βάρος Αναβάτη 100 kg
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