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Warranty & Service


Micro® Mobility Systems is known worldwide for the manufacturing quality of its skates. The insistence on the high quality of the materials used for every part of the skate and their durability are the main reasons that have brought Micro® skates to the first position of manufacturers around the world.

For this reason, there are very few cases in which a skate can have manufacturing defects.

However, to cover even these rare cases, Micro® offers a two (2) year factory warranty on all Micro® skates and bikes from the date of purchase of the skate or bike.

In the event that the customer discovers factory malfunctions or manufacturing defects within 7 days of the date of purchase of the skate, SCOOTERISE will replace the product within 10 working days, if available. The customer must contact SCOOTERISE and return the product within 15 days from the date of purchase in its original packaging and with all the accessories that were included in it and have proof of purchase (receipt or invoice). If the product is found to have manufacturing malfunctions or errors that are not due to misuse of the product, SCOOTERISE will replace the product within 10 working days, if it is readily available. If the product is unavailable, the customer can expect the introduction of the product as determined by our company and if this has not been canceled, the free repair of the skate if the appropriate spare parts are available, choose another color of the same model, choose another product of equal or greater value or request a refund of the product value.

In the event that the customer discovers factory malfunctions or manufacturing defects after 7 days and up to 6 months from the date of purchase, the customer should contact a SCOOTERISE representative to determine the details of a free skate repair or replacement with new if available.

Repair or replacement of Micro® skates is at the discretion of the manufacturer who will determine whether the product can be repaired or should be replaced.

90% of Micro® skate parts can be replaced with new ones unless there is an inability to supply a specific part. For this reason, the replacement of a skate is carried out only in extreme cases.

During the warranty period, in case of repair and if the malfunctions are due to a manufacturing error and only then, the costs of repair and replacement of spare parts are completely free.

The warranty does NOT cover:

  • Natural wear and tear (eg brakes, wheels, handles)
  • Damage caused by improper use and storage (eg appearance of rust due to exposure to seawater or other water, prolonged exposure to the sun, etc.)
  • Incorrect assembly
  • Careless use
  • Use by persons whose weight exceeds the weight limit set by the manufacturer.


Micro® accessories do not come with a warranty.


Micro® skates are built to last for many years of "hard" use.

90% of the parts of Micro® skates can be changed with the corresponding spare parts. That's why Micro® offers a full range of spare parts to repair any "injuries" or malfunctions that occur during use over the years and restore your skate even to its original condition.

If you wish to repair or "refresh" your Micro® skate, you can contact a SCOOTERISE representative by phone at 213 042 6575, by email at or through the contact form found on the "Contact" page to set the time and place for your skate repair.

The repair time and cost will be communicated to you immediately after the inspection carried out by a specialized partner of the company who will proceed with the repair after your approval.