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Company Profile

Micro Scooters: The most popular brand on the market since 1996 in the world of scooters, which has recorded over 10,000,000 sales worldwide!

Scooters belong to one of the most ecological and pleasant ways of moving, having many fans all over the world. The scooters that you will find in the Micro-scooters online store (the official online store of Micro® in Greece) will meet all the requirements of young and old, with their pioneering innovation and high quality of construction, which is constantly checked by Micro® technicians.

Choose modern scooters with two or three wheels and move around the city saving time, with these tireless traveling companions, who will never betray you!

Our ultimate goal is to give another dimension to the concept of "Urban Mobility" for the whole family, contributing to a more comfortable and flexible everyday life, guided by Micro's quality and well thought-out Swiss design.

As a world leader in the scooter market for all ages, Micro is synonymous with quality and innovation, with more than 50 different types of scooters! From the much-loved mini micro and maxi micro with millions of loyal fans around the world, innovation in freestyle scooters, scooters with shock-absorbing wheels, the invention of the first suitcase-scooter, strollers for the ride weighing less than two kilograms and more patents that make Micro the best choice in skates for young and old.

In the online shop of we ensure for you the lowest price and maximum quality in micro scooters and related accessories.

Micro Mobility Greece is a brand of the Scooterise / WATobject group of companies