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5 easy Stunt Scooter tricks for beginners

5 easy Stunt Scooter tricks for beginners-image

If your child is showing interest in heading to the skate park then you'll want to check out these 5 tricks to get them started. Micro has enlisted the expertise of pro-rider Archie Cole to give us the low down on the best tricks and how to complete them. Before you start it is essential that your child has the right equipment to keep them safe on the half pipes.

Always, ensure they wear protective gear, a helmet is obviously required but you may also like to consider gloves and knee pads too. We stock an array of these on our website.

You will also need to consider the scooter that they are using for their tricks. Stunt scooters like those in our range ( have been specially designed to safely withstand the knocks and absorb the impact at the skate park. They have fused stems that are reinforced to stay super strong and kickplates that are made from the best 6061 aluminium and are proportioned to give the rider enough space to always be in control.

Once you have the right scooter and the safety equipment to boot, now you can get started on the TRICKS. Please note, that some tricks require more practice than others but all should be doable for beginners.

1. The tail grab

This is a great trick for beginners but it requires a skilled rider with good balance. Space is essential. Simply head uphill at a relatively fast speed and when you reach the top, jump with your knees bent, leaning back slightly. After you have practised and only when you're feeling confident, release one hand and grab the back of the deck for a second. Take time to build up how long you hold the deck and try to master your grip to really wow the crowd.

2. The tail whip

This trick will make you spin the deck of your scooter 360 degrees mid-air. Pretty cool, right? To perform this trick, you will have to jump as high as you can. While you’re in mid-air, kick the deck of your stunt scooter with the back of your foot. The deck will spin 360 degrees (it's specially designed to whip round quick so be careful of your ankles). When the deck comes back underneath you, hop on to it while bending your knees to reduce the impact and ride along gently. Beginners can start at a low speed and small hops called the “bunny hop.” See below how to perform one of these.

3. The 180

For this trick, hop high, keeping your back wheel elevated. Use your shoulders and head, and try and spin yourself around 180 degrees. To complete the 180, jump and spin 90 degrees twice. Make sure your feet remain in contact with the deck to provide support and spin yourself in a smooth motion. Once you got this down, you can move on to the 360.

4. The Wheelie

Doing a wheelie trick is easier than it looks which is great because it shouldn't take too long to master. However, it’s important not to feel intimidated by any trick as that's when your confidence will dip and accidents will happen. It is essential not to attempt anything that you're not quite ready for. To perform this trick, you will need a slope or ramp. Ride uphill, and once you feel like you’ve achieved enough speed, slide as far back on your scooter as possible, keeping your feet on the pegs of the scooter.

Now, pull on the handlebars while leaning back. Remember not to pull too hard. Give a mild throttle as the front of your scooter slightly rises. To end the wheelie, gently lean forward so both wheels are back on the ground, and there you have it, another awesome new trick learned!

5. The bunny hop

This is one of the simplest tricks for beginners but it can lead to huge jumps. To perform this trick, all you have to do is ride your scooter at a comfortable pace. Then, try and jump with both of your feet and lift your scooter’s handlebars in the air. When landing, bend your knees slightly, so the impact is absorbed. Quite an easy trick to perform, but looks very impressive!